Racehorse Ownership Options

Owning a racehorse has never been easier, the hardest part is deciding which of the various types of ownership is most suitable. Clearly, sole ownership is the most straightforward, one person is the owner and incurs all costs and of course takes all the profits and winnings.

Co-Ownership is an effective way of spreading the costs amongst two or more People.

Syndicate ownership is rapidly growing, and the rise of syndicates is a welcomed change at Kings’ Ride. Syndicate ownership allows a larger group of individuals to come together and make ownership more available & affordable.

Sponsorship is another means of spreading the cost of ownership and commonly takes the form of sponsoring a horse wearing Company Logos in a race or to put up prize money for a race. The main benefit to the Sponsor is of course, is publicity. For Corporate Owners or Sponsors, racing is a highly effective means of advertising, seen by millions every year, at race meetings, on television and in the press. Names and Logos can be worn on horse boxes, paddock sheets, jockey silks, grooms kit and a variety of other branding sites.

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