Life After Racing

Racehorse mare and foal

We take great care in finding good homes for our horses once they have finished their careers on the racecourse.

Horse Welfare is at the front of our minds, and this doesn’t stop once their racing career has.

Some of our ex racehorses have gone on to be successful in polo, showing, riding club and even horseball!

Over the years we have retired a few of the horses that are close to our hearts here at Kings Ride; Royal Ascot winning ‘Thundering Surf’, as well as ‘Billy Red’ the the one eyed sprinter who won 17 races for us and owners Mr. & Mrs. Hampson. There are and have been many horses who have enjoyed and are enjoying a wonderful and happy retirement with us.

We also keep a few of our mares for breeding and John always looks forward to training the next generation after seeing the full circle from training to retirement of a mare to training and racingĀ her offspring.

We will sometimes have horses who have finished their careers with us that are looking for homes in retirement or as riding horses, if you’re interested in taking an ex racehorse & want to be contacted when there’s an opportunity available, please visit the Contact page to get in touch.

There is now a dedicated show series for retired racehorses which is growing rapidly in popularity. It is great to see horses from all abilities go on to be successful and most importantly well looked after after finishing on racecourse.


Royal Ascot winner ‘THUNDERING SURF’ enjoying life in the field

Dalkadam enjoying his new profession